Every project that we work on starts with a questionnaire, wherein we get to know who you are, what your business is and what your business goals are. This is done in order to acquire a better understanding prior to our consult to know what you want your business to present online.


We won’t charge a penny unless you’ve spoken to us. Let us talk over the phone and explore how we can work together by analysing the details you provided in the questionnaire to lay out a plan for your project. Since, no two projects are the same, we will discuss what package fits the best and also provide with personalized quotes to know what you do and don’t need.
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Once we are done with laying out the plan for your website, we send a proposal to you that delivers what we discussed along with the quoted price. As soon as you agree with the proposal and accept it, we will start working.


We send you the necessary paperwork that is needed in order to move forward. This consists of our contract, terms, invoice and also a Client Portal available for all our clients. This portal offers access to all your documents, invoices and files to be viewed and managed.


This is where the fun begins. A COMING SOON page will be set as your home page including an opt-in form that allows your audience to sign up so as to be notified when the site is live. Your site will be created with the perfect care and precision utilizing the information we collected from you and the client portfolio you provided priorly.


Rather than working alone in the preliminary phase during the design process, we like to continuous be in contact with you throughout to explore the design together. The design package that you chose includes a set number of major revisions to the site itself. We tend to discuss each revision in detail before making any changes.


Before directly launching your website, after 3 successful rounds of revision, we test your site once again, since it is on a staging branch. Once we are sure that the site is working on all devices and is completely as you want it to be, we do a final optimization to ensure the website performance and for the best user experience.


As soon as we receive the final payment, we will move your newly developed website off our hosting to your hosting platform (unless we are hosting the website for you). We will, once again, test the website for best performance and functionality, and then; IT IS TIME TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!